Who married Ludovico I, Marquess of Saluzzo?

Isabella Palaiologina of Montferrat married Ludovico I, Marquess of Saluzzo .

Ludovico I, Marquess of Saluzzo

Ludovico I del Vasto (died 1475) was Marquess of Saluzzo from 1416 until his death.

The son of Marquess Thomas III, he held the Marquisate of Saluzzo for much of the 15th century, under its period of greatest splendour. Always in good relationships with his neighbours, he was lieutenant of the Duchy of Savoy and the Marquisate of Montferrat for several years.

His neutral policies also gained him international importance. When, in 1458, the Republic of Genoa submitted to Charles VII of France, Ludovico was chosen as governor of that city, but refused the position.

He was succeeded by his less fortunate son Ludovico II.

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Isabella Palaiologina of Montferrat

Description in English not found. We only have a description in Italian:

Isabella Paleologa (Moncalvo, 7 settembre 1419 – Manta, 1475) fu una nobile casalese, figlia del marchese Giovanni Giacomo del Monferrato e di Giovanna di Savoia.

Fu dunque sorella di tre marchesi del Monferrato: Giovanni IV del Monferrato, Bonifacio III del Monferrato e Guglielmo VIII del Monferrato.


Siblings of Ludovico I, Marquess of Saluzzo and their spouses: