Who married Anne-Sophie de Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel?

Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach married Anne-Sophie de Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel on .

Anne-Sophie de Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

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Anne-Sophie de Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (en allemand Anna Sofie von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel) (Wolfenbüttel, - ) est une noble allemande, fille du duc Antoine-Ulrich de Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1633-1714) et de la duchesse Élisabeth-Julienne de Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderbourg-Norbourg (1634-1704).

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Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach

Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach

Margrave (Prince) Charles Gustav of Baden-Durlach (27 September 1648 in Durlach – 24 October 1703 at the Karlsburg Castle in Durlach) was a German general. He was the son of Margrave Frederick VI of Baden-Durlach and his wife Christina Magdalena of the Palatinate-Zweibrücken.

Within the Swabian Circle he was royal colonel of the Protestant Circle Infantry Regiment (1673-1677) and from 1683 of the Second Circle Infantry Regiment (Evangelical). In 1683, he served as major general and at the same time commander-in-chief of the circle troops. In 1686 he was promoted to field marshal lieutenant of the infantry in the Swabian Circle, in 1692 to General Feldzeugmeister and in 1697 to field marshal.


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