Who married Winnie Davin?

Dan Davin married Winnie Davin .

Winnie Davin

Winifred Kathleen Joan "Winnie" Davin (27 July 1909 – 26 March 1995) was a New Zealand teacher, community worker and editor. She was born in Otautau, Southland, New Zealand on 27 July 1909. A writer herself in her early years, she was primarily known for her encouragement and promotion of New Zealand writers. She was the wife of the writer and publisher Dan Davin and a close friend and later literary executor of Joyce Cary. One of her daughters, Delia, went on to become a leading writer on Chinese social issues.

Davin died in 1995 in Oxford, England.

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Dan Davin

Daniel Marcus Davin (1 September 1913 – 28 September 1990), generally known as Dan Davin, was an author who wrote about New Zealand, although for most of his career he lived in Oxford, England, working for Oxford University Press. The themes of his earliest fiction, in short stories that include Saturday Night, Late Snow, The Apostate, The Basket, The Vigil, and The Milk Round, were about "Mick Connolly" and his Irish Catholic family in largely Protestant Southland.


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