Who married Ulrika Babiaková?

Peter Kušnirák married Ulrika Babiaková .

Ulrika Babiaková

Ulrika Babiaková (3 April 1976 – 3 November 2002) was a Slovak astronomer and discoverer of minor planets from Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia. She is credited by the Minor Planet Center with the discovery and co-discovery of 14 asteroids during 1998–2001.

The main-belt asteroid 32531 Ulrikababiaková, discovered by astronomer and husband Peter Kušnirák in 2001, was named in her memory on 8 October 2014 (M.P.C. 90379).

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Peter Kušnirák

Peter Kušnirák (born 1974) is a Slovak astronomer, discoverer of minor planets, and a prolific photometrist of light-curves at Ondřejov Observatory in the Czech Republic. He was married to Slovak astronomer Ulrika Babiaková with whom he discovered 123647 Tomáško, named after their son Tomáško.

He was the principal observer to discover that the two main-belt asteroids 3073 Kursk and 5481 Kiuchi are in fact binary asteroids. In 1999, he discovered the Eunomian main-belt asteroid 24260 Kriváň, which he named after one Slovakia's national symbols, as well as 21656 Knuth and 20256 Adolfneckař, both located in the Aquarius constellation at the time. He is based out of numerous observatories in the Czech Republic, including the Ondřejov Observatory, and works solo or with partners.

The Flora asteroid 17260 Kušnirák, discovered by the U.S. LINEAR project at Lincoln Lab's ETS in 2000, is named in his honor (M.P.C. 10060).