Who married Sean Taggart?

Bronwyn Carlton married Sean Taggart .

Sean Taggart

Sean Taggart is an American illustrator and artist. He began his career in the early 1980s doing flyers and album covers for bands in the New York Hardcore scene, such as Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, and the Cro-Mags, and was the artist of the iconic Crumbsuckers first album cover. He has also done art for the bands Carnivore, Prong, and Napalm Death, among many others.

In the 1990s, Taggart was the character designer and illustrator for the Jerky Boys, and drew the poster art for the Jerky Boys film. His drawing of the Frank Rizzo character was featured in the "Bud Light, I said!" advertising campaign for Budweiser.

Taggart's fine art paintings have been exhibited in both group and one-man shows at Brooklyn's McCaig-Welles Gallery and at Exit Art in New York City.

Interviews with Taggart have appeared in many fan magazines, as well as in the book American Hardcore: A Tribal History, by Steven Blush. Taggart also appears in the 2006 Sony Pictures documentary film American Hardcore, although his name is misspelled (Taggert) onscreen.

Taggart has been married to American comic book writer, editor, and DJ Bronwyn Carlton since 1991.

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Bronwyn Carlton

Bronwyn Carlton

Bronwyn Carlton is an American comic book author, editor, and radio DJ. She has written a number of DC Comics titles, including Catwoman and The Books of Faerie, as well as the Paradox Press imprint title, The Big Book of Death.

She has worked as an editor for both DC and Marvel. At DC she worked on both the Paradox Press and Piranha Press imprints; at Marvel, she worked on the Marvel Knights line.

In 2008, she was featured in the documentary film Guest of Cindy Sherman.

She is also a DJ for WFMU, a free-form radio station in New Jersey. She has hosted various shows since late 1988, including "Truck Stop Tea Party," and has hosted "Sportsy Talk with Bronwyn C. & Jim the Poet."

Carlton has spoken publicly about her experience with prosopagnosia ("face blindness"), and is an advocate for recognition of that condition as a disability.