Who married Ryudo Uzaki?

Yoko Aki married Ryudo Uzaki .

Ryudo Uzaki

Ryudo Uzaki (宇崎 竜童, Uzaki Ryūdō, born 1946 in Kyoto) is a Japanese musician, composer, and actor.

His group, the Down Town Boogie-Woogie Band, was one of the most prominent 1970s Japanese rock music bands. He also composed many of Momoe Yamaguchi's songs with Yoko Aki.

He is married to lyricist and actress Yoko Aki.

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Yoko Aki

Yoko Aki (阿木 燿子, Aki Yōko, born May 1, 1945) is a Japanese songwriter, actress, novelist and essayist. With her husband, Ryudo Uzaki, she has written many songs for other singers, with Aki as lyricist and Uzaki as composer. They are especially famous for a series of hit songs of Momoe Yamaguchi's.

She has acted in several films, and she won the award for best supporting actress at the 5th Hochi Film Award for Shiki Natsuko. She was a model under an exclusive contract with Kanebo Cosmetics for many years.