Who married Kristiina Elstelä?

Jotaarkka Pennanen married Kristiina Elstelä 1979.

Kristiina Elstelä

Kristiina Elstelä (10 January 1943 – 26 June 2016) was a Finnish actress, who acted in many TV shows and movies. She also had a long career in theater and was a cabaret artist.

In 2006 Elstelä was one of the competitors in Dancing with the Stars television series. She and her partner Marko Keränen were ranked seconds, right after Tomi Metsäketo and Sanna Hirvaskari.

She was the daughter of actor Ossi Elstelä and actress Irja Elstelä.

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Jotaarkka Pennanen

Jotaarkka Pennanen
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