Who married John Tristan, Count of Valois?

Yolande II, Countess of Nevers married John Tristan, Count of Valois 1265.

John Tristan, Count of Valois

John Tristan, Count of Valois

John Tristan (8 April 1250 – 3 August 1270) was a French prince of the Capetian dynasty. He was jure uxoris count of Nevers from 1265 and of Auxerre and Tonnerre from 1268. He was also in his own right Count of Valois and Crépy, as an apanages of the crown, from 1268.

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Yolande II, Countess of Nevers

Yolande II, Countess of Nevers

Yolande II or Yolande of Nevers (French: Yolande de Bourgogne), (December 1247 – 2 June 1280) was the daughter of Odo of Burgundy, and Matilda II, Countess of Nevers.

On the death of her mother in 1262, Yolande, became the titular countess of Nevers, which included the counties of Tonnerre and Auxerre. However, in 1273 the arbitrators at the Parlement de Paris decided that the inheritance would be split among the sisters: Yolande got Nevers and the Château de Druyes, while her sisters Margaret and Adelaide inherited Tonnerre and Auxerre, respectively. Their aunt Agnes received the Bourbon fiefs. Upon the death of her paternal grandfather, Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy, in 1272, Yolande and her influential husband, Robert of Flanders claimed the Duchy of Burgundy on the basis of primogeniture, being the first-born child of Hugh's deceased eldest son. Hugh IV, however, in his will named his third son, Robert, as heir to the Duchy while giving other fiefs to his granddaughters. King Philip III of France, one of the arbitrators, decided in favor of her uncle, who thus became Duke Robert II, on the basis of proximity of blood.

Her first marriage was to John Tristan, Count of Valois, son of Louis IX of France and Margaret of Provence, in June 1265; they had no children, and he died of dysentery in 1270 at Tunis while on the Eighth Crusade.

Yolanda then remarried in March 1272 at Auxerre to Robert III, Count of Flanders. Their children were:

  • Louis I (1272–1322), Count of Nevers and of Réthel. His son was Louis I, Count of Flanders
  • Robert (d. 1331), Seigneur of Marle and of Cassel, married (1323) Joan of Brittany (1294–1364), daughter of Arthur II of Brittany, and Yolande, countess of Montfort, producing:
    • John, Seigneur of Cassel (d. 1332)
    • Yolande (1331–1395), married Henry IV of Bar.
  • Joan (d. 1333), married in 1288 Enguerrand IV of Coucy (d. 1310), Seigneur of Coucy and Viscount of Meaux
  • Yolande (d. 1313), married in about 1287 Wautier II of Enghien (d. 1309)
  • Matilda, married about 1314 in Matthieu of Lorraine (d. 1330), lord of Warsberg

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