Who married Jaime Roos?

Estela Magnone married Jaime Roos 1984.

Jaime Roos

Jaime Roos

Jaime Roos (born November 12, 1953, in Montevideo) is an Uruguayan singer, composer and record producer. In 2000, he won a Silver Condor Award for Best Score Musician in El Amateur. He has French blood from his father's side. His grandfather migrated from Germany at the end of 19th century.

The drums that go through the Barrio Sur, what the radio broadcasts, the music from the 'tablados' in the carnaval, the Beatles and rock have been some of the influences that he had to create a music with personality and his own signature, that came along with the success that he has in his own country and is extending to an international level. These features make him one of the most popular Uruguayan singers, with great record sales and the tickets to his shows sold out.

He lived when he was a kid in a small apartment in the Convención street, meters away from Durazno, corner that he immortalized in one of his most famous songs "Durazno y Convención". His music mixed rock, candombe, milonga, tango and murga, performing the sound of Montevideo. He is a famous supporter of Defensor Sporting, to whose first championship he dedicated one of his most famous songs, "Cometa de La Farola". Among his famous songs are "Brindis por Pierrot", "Amándote" and "Si me voy antes que vos".

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Estela Magnone

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Estela Magnone Ibarburu (4 de enero de 1948, Montevideo) es una compositora y cantante uruguaya. De formación clásica, toca el piano, la flauta y la guitarra.