Who married Ermengarde Of Lower Lotharingia?

Albert I, Count of Namur married Ermengarde Of Lower Lotharingia .

Otto I of Chiny married Ermengarde Of Lower Lotharingia .

Ermengarde Of Lower Lotharingia

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Albert I, Count of Namur

Albert I (died ca. 1011) was the son of Robert I, Count of Lomme. He became Count of Namur in 998.

He married Ermengarde, daughter of Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine, and had the following sons:

  • Robert II, Count of Namur died without issue and was succeeded by his younger brother Albert
  • Albert II, Count of Namur was father of Hedwige of Namur, who married Gerard, Duke of Lorraine. They were the great-great-grandparents of Beatrice, who married Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

There are some doubts about the correct list of his daughters, as there are two very different lists given in two primary documents.

The "Genealogia ex Stirpe Sancti Arnulfi" lists:

  • Count Albert
  • Hadewide
  • Emma of Looz

The "Vita Arnulfi Episcopi Suessioniensis" I.3, MGH SS XV.2, p. 879. lists (as siblings of one of the Counts named Albert of Namur, whose parents are not named):

  • Count Albert
  • Liutgard mother of Emmon Count of Looz, and his brother Otto.
  • Goda
  • Ermengarde

A 3rd relevant source is the Gesta of Sint-Truiden Abbey which also named Countess Ermengarde having a daughter named Lutgarde who married a Count Otto of Loon and was mother to Bishop Balderic II of Liège, brother of Count Giselbert of Loon. As Jean Baerten and other authors have pointed out, this is chronologically impossible, though it is possible Lutgarde could be mother of Emmo and Otto.

Liutgarde and Emma, both with a connection to Looz, are sometimes therefore thought to represent a garbled account of the same person.


Ermengarde Of Lower Lotharingia

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Otto I of Chiny

Otto I (Eudes) (d. 987), Count of Chiny, perhaps son of Adalbert I the Pious, Count of Vermandois, and Gerberge of Lorraine. Although he probably did not use the title, Otto is regarded as the first Count of Chiny.

Historically, an Otto of Vermandois is mentioned in a charter of 958 alongside his father, the Count of Vermandois. His name and that of his brother Ludolfe show a Germanic ancestry of the kings of the family of Saxony, which is indeed the case, as his mother is Gerberge of Lorraine, niece of Emperor Otto I (her mother being daughter to Henry the Fowler). He was reported as a quarrelsome lord who threatened Hainaut and Cambrésis (the region around Cambrai).

In 971, an Otto erected a fortress in Warcq, in the Ardennes, and attacked his neighbors, including Adalbero, Archbishop of Reims. He is mentioned as having imperial ancestry. This and a number of other facts prompted the historian Léon Vanderkindere to hypothesize that these two Ottos were in fact a single historical figure.

His wife’s name is unknown. It is possible that she was from Ardennes, a relative of Wigeric of Lotharingia and Cunigunda of France, granddaughter of Louis the Stammerer. This could explain the name of his son and the appointment of the latter as Count of Verdun in 1024. Otto and his wife had one child:

  • Louis I (d. 1025), Count of Chiny and Verdun.

Upon his death, Otto was succeeded as Count of Chiny by his son Louis.


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