Who married Empress Wang (Huizong)?

Emperor Huizong of Song married Empress Wang (Huizong) .

Empress Wang (Huizong)

Empress Wang (1084–1108) was a Chinese Empress consort of the Song Dynasty, married to Emperor Huizong of Song.

Wang came from the capital, and her father served as prefect. She was selected to be the primary consort of Prince Huizeng by his legal mother Dowager Empress Xiang in 1099. After the wedding, the Empress Dowager gave two concubines, Consort Zheng and Consort Wang, to prince Huizeng. When Huizeng succeeded his brother as emperor in 1100, Wang became his empress.

Empress Wang gave birth to a daughter in 1101, but had no more children after that. Wang played no dominant part and emperor Huizeng was reportedly indifferent to her.

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Emperor Huizong of Song

Emperor Huizong of Song

Emperor Huizong of Song (7 June 1082 – 4 June 1135), personal name Zhao Ji, was the eighth emperor of the Song dynasty in China. He was also a very well-known calligrapher. Born as the 11th son of Emperor Shenzong, he ascended the throne in 1100 upon the death of his elder brother and predecessor, Emperor Zhezong, because Emperor Zhezong's only son died prematurely. He lived in luxury, sophistication and art in the first half of his life. In 1126, when the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty invaded the Song dynasty during the Jin–Song Wars, Emperor Huizong abdicated and passed on his throne to his eldest son, Zhao Huan who assumed the title Emperor Qinzong while Huizong assumed the honorary title of Taishang Huang (or "Retired Emperor"). The following year, the Song capital, Bianjing, was conquered by Jin forces in an event historically known as the Jingkang Incident. Emperor Huizong, along with Emperor Qinzong and the rest of their family, were taken captive by the Jurchens and brought back to the Jin capital, Huining Prefecture in 1128. The Jurchen ruler, Emperor Taizong of Jin, gave the former Emperor Huizong a title, Duke Hunde (literally "Besotted Duke"), to humiliate him. After his surviving son, Zhao Gou, declared himself as the dynasty's tenth emperor as Emperor Gaozong, the Jurchens used him, Qinzong, and other imperial family members to put pressure on Gaozong and his court to surrender. Emperor Huizong died in Wuguo after spending about nine years in captivity.

Despite his incompetence in rulership, Emperor Huizong was known for his promotion of Taoism and talents in poetry, painting, calligraphy and music. He sponsored numerous artists at his imperial court, and the catalogue of his collection listed over 6,000 known paintings.


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