Who married Guo Wei?

Empress Chai married Guo Wei .

Guo Wei

Guo Wei

Guo Wei (Chinese: 郭威) (10 September 904 – 22 February 954), also known by his temple name Taizu (太祖), was the founding emperor of imperial China's short-lived Later Zhou during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, reigning from 951 until his death.

Nicknamed "Sparrow Guo" (郭雀兒) after a sparrow-shaped tattoo on his neck, he rose to a high position in the Later Han as an assistant military commissioner. He founded the Later Zhou in 951.

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Empress Chai

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聖穆皇后(せいぼくこうごう、? - 947年以前)は、五代十国の人物で、後周の太祖郭威の1番目の妻(即位前没)。皇后を追贈された。姓は柴氏で、世宗柴栄の叔母にあたる。


Children of Guo Wei and their spouses: