Who married Emperor Jingzong of Tang?

Consort Guo married Emperor Jingzong of Tang .

Emperor Jingzong of Tang

Emperor Jingzong of Tang (July 22, 809 – January 9, 827), personal name Li Zhan, was an emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China. He reigned from 824 to 827. Emperor Jingzong was the eldest son of emperor Emperor Muzong and elder brother of eventual Emperor Wenzong and Emperor Wuzong.

Emperor Jingzong became emperor at the early age of 15 and his short reign would be overshadowed by corrupt eunuchs with control over the imperial Shence Army (神策軍), who would come to dominate his rule as well as that of his younger brother Emperor Wenzong. Uninterested in ruling, Jingzong gave in to pleasure seeking and lived in opulence while eunuchs such as Wang Shoucheng and officials such as Li Fengji held onto real power.

Around the new year 827, after reigning less than four years, emperor Jingzong was assassinated by a group of conspirators. Emperor Jingzong was only 17 when he died.

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Consort Guo

Consort Guo, imperial consort rank Guifei (郭貴妃), was an imperial consort of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty. She was the favorite concubine of Emperor Jingzong (Li Zhan).


Mother of Emperor Jingzong of Tang and her spouses: