Who married Concubine Yuan?

Hong Taiji married Concubine Yuan .

Concubine Yuan

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Hong Taiji

Hong Taiji

Hong Taiji (28 November 1592 – 21 September 1643), sometimes written as Huang Taiji and formerly referred to as Abahai in Western literature, was the second Khan of Later Jin (reigned from 1626 to 1636) and the founding emperor of the Qing dynasty (reigned from 1636 to 1643). He was responsible for consolidating the empire that his father Nurhaci had founded and laid the groundwork for the conquest of the Ming dynasty, although he died before this was accomplished. He was also responsible for changing the name of his people from Jurchen to Manchu in 1635, as well as that of the dynasty from Later Jin to Qing in 1636. The Qing dynasty lasted until 1912.