Who married Belén Gopegui?

Constantino Bértolo married Belén Gopegui .

Belén Gopegui

Belén Gopegui

Belén Ruiz de Gopegui (Madrid, 1963) is a Spanish writer.

She studied law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and she worked for several newspapers including El sol.

Her first novel La escala de los mapas won two prizes : Premio Tigre Juan and Premio Iberoamericano Santiago del Nuevo Extremo. Gerardo Herrero based his film Las razones de mis amigos (2000) on her third novel La conquista del aire (1998).

Francisco Umbral considers her the best writer of her generation. She is a communist, and she has written several articles about Cuba. In the assessment of Luis I. Prádanos, 'the common denominators of Belén Gopegui's work are socio-political engagement and the constant search for updated and original ways to express it. [...] Belén Gopegui is currently one of the most innovative Spanish authors. Every novel she writes involves structural experimentation to tell a story (the structure always serving the purpose of the story), which doesn't prevent her work from being unified by a persistent social and political engagement.'

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