Who married Atmaram Ravaji Deshpande?

Kusumavati Deshpande married Atmaram Ravaji Deshpande .

Atmaram Ravaji Deshpande

Atmaram Raoji Deshpande (Marathi: आत्माराम रावजी देशपांडे) (1901–1982) was a Marathi poet from Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India. He wrote poems under the pen name Anil (अनिल). He was born on 11 September 1901 at Murtijapur in Akola district of Central India. He was married to Kusum Jayawant in 1929; she took the name Kusumavati Deshpande and was also a Marathi writer.

Deshpande introduced free style --Muktachhand (मुक्तछंद)-- poetry to Marathi literature. He also introduced in Marathi Dashapadi (दशपदी), a new genre of sonnets comprising ten lines. His collection of poems with the same name Dashapadi (दशपदी) received a Sahitya Akademi Award in 1977. He was elected for Sahitya Akademi Fellowship in 1979.

He presided over Marathi Sahitya Sammelan (मराठी साहित्य सम्मेलन) at Malvan in 1958.

Deshpande won several international honors. He was a member of the committee of literacy experts of UNESCO. He was leader of Indian delegation of literary experts to USSR. He was awarded UNESCO fellowship for studying social education schemes in various countries.

A collection of letters between Deshpande and his wife was published under the title Kusumanil (कुसुमानिल) in 1976.

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Kusumavati Deshpande

Kusumavati Deshpande (Devanagari: कुसुमावती देशपांडे) (1904–1961) was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India.

She was born on 10 November 1904 in Amravati, Maharashtra, her maiden having been Kusum Jaywant. Her father was a lawyer.

After finishing her high school education at Huzurpaga (HHCP) girls' school in Pune in 1921, she studied for four years in Fergusson College, also in Pune, before moving to Nagpur and receiving her B.A. degree from Nagpur University in 1926. She went to the UK to receive in 1929 a B.A. in English Literature from Westfield College in London. The same year she married Atmaram Ravaji Deshpande alias Kavi Anil and took the name Kusumavati Deshpande.

For over 25 years since 1931, Deshpande taught English Literature at Nagpur University. She also served as the Chief Producer, Women and Children's Programmes at All India Radio, and as the Convenor of the Advisory Board for the Sahitya Akademi on Marathi literature.