Who married Antonina Mijal?

Władysław Bartoszewski married Antonina Mijal .

Antonina Mijal

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Antonina Mijal, pseudonim „Tosia” (ur. 17 stycznia 1915 w Warszawie, zm. 9 marca 1986 tamże) – polska lekarka, działaczka społeczna, żołnierz Armii Krajowej, uczestniczka powstania warszawskiego, dama orderów Virtuti Militari, Krzyża Walecznych i Złotego Krzyża Zasługi z Mieczami. Pierwsza żona Władysława Bartoszewskiego.

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Władysław Bartoszewski

Władysław Bartoszewski

Władysław Bartoszewski ([vwaˈdɨswaf bartɔˈʂɛfskʲi] (listen); 19 February 1922 – 24 April 2015) was a Polish politician, social activist, journalist, writer and historian. A former Auschwitz concentration camp prisoner, he was a World War II resistance fighter as part of the Polish underground and participated in the Warsaw Uprising. After the war he was persecuted and imprisoned by the communist Polish People's Republic due to his membership in the Home Army and opposition activity.

After the collapse of the communist regime, Bartoszewski served twice as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from March through December 1995 and again from 2000 to 2001. He was also an ambassador and a member of the Polish Senate. Bartoszewski was a close ally and friend of Polish anti-Communist activist and later president Lech Wałęsa.

Bartoszewski was a chevalier of the Order of the White Eagle, an honorary citizen of Israel, and a member of the International Honorary Council of the European Academy of Diplomacy.


Children of Antonina Mijal and their spouses: